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The HSS CF2000 is a trailer orchard sprayer equipped with a spray mast with eight continuously adjustable air outlets distributed over a height of 300 cm, suitable for a maximum tree height of 340 cm. The air outlets that are adjustable in both height and angle making it possible to create the perfect spraying pattern for every type of orchard, offering the greatest possible leaf cover.


Orchard Sprayer

Standard Features:

  • Brass piston membrane pump with a capacity of 120 litres/minute
  • Tank capacity of 2000 litres; equipped with tank cleaning nozzles and a hose
  • 100 litre clean water tank, 10 litre hand washing tank
  • Two adjustable venturi injectors for a high mixing capacity
  • Easy to clean suction filter and self-cleaning pressure filter
  • Electronically operated valves and pressure regulator
  • 2 x 8 air outlets with twin anti-drip nozzle holders and nozzles of choice
  • Double wide angle power take-off
  • Low noise, two speed disengageable radial fan with a 0 position
  • Nozzles and air outlets can be adjusted in height and angle
  • Possibility to rotate the air outlets to the front and back
  • Fully galvanized frame
  • Axle that can be adjusted in width and position and an adjustable tow bar
  • Height of 3 metres
  • Road lights and slow moving vehicle sign