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Hot Spotter

Cold Air Drain®

How the Cold Air Drain® Works

Radiation frosts occur during clear, cold nights with no wind. The ground loses heat stored during the day allowing an inversion layer to develop. In an inversion, the warmer air layer sits above the cold air layer that is closest to the ground.


During a radiation frost night, the heaviest cold air molecules flow downhill, like water, due to gravity. This cold air settles in low elevation areas that do not allow for adequate drainage. As the cold air accumulates in an area, frost damage occurs.


The Cold Air Drain® effect changes the temperature in the lower elevation, frost-prone areas to be more similar to the temperatures in the higher elevation, non-frost areas. The grower may expect a more consistent yield in the lower and higher elevation areas.

Eliminates chronic frost hot spots with the power of proven Cold Air Drain® technology.

Easy to use

Just locate your hot spot then place the Hot Spotter in a convenient location, plug it in and turn it on!



Eliminates the need for expensive full size frost protection.The right amount of protection for all your small areas!



Heavy duty design. Constructed with industrial quality components for long life and low maintenance!

Overall Dimensions

34" w  x 29" h


80 lbs

Fan Diameter


Power Requirements

115V 1ph 60Hz 8amp


3/4HP 1750RPM TEFC

Coverage Area

Up to 1/4 acre

Motor Starter

Nema 4x with safety lockout