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The Darwin PT was designed to work mainly in V-systems as we often find in peaches, plums and apricots. It is attached to a front loader directly or by forks. The spindle has a tilt angle of 180 °. This allows the Darwin PT to be lifted to the height of the tree tops and work horizontally over the trees. Should the open vase trees be very wide, there is also the possibility of tilting the spindle into the tree interior and thin there. The high tilt angle ensures that the sides as well as the crowns of the tree can be thinned.

• Controlled thinning that you see directly after execution

• Thins without chemical use

• Increase in fruit size and quality by increasing early sugar allocation to limited number of fruit

• Reduces biennial tendencies

• Fast travel speed ensures high treated area per hour

• Thinning can be performed in all weather conditions

• Can be used for all current cultivars

Darwin PT

Blossom Thinner

Darwin PT


Working Height

239.5 cm / 7'10"

Machine Height

320 cm / 10'6"


246 kg

Driving Speed

6 - 18 km/h

Area Performance

1.5 - 2.5 ha/h

Tilt Angle


Manual Side Shift

Stroke 100 cm


Fixed Mount