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The original! The Darwin is front mounted to the tractor using a 3 point hitch, fork-mount, or bolt-on hitch and has range of motion from 45 -135 degrees. It was designed for use in a fruiting wall apple planting, but has also proven extremely effective in V style peaches and stone fruit.

The machine is attached to the front hydraulic system of the tractor or to the coupling mouth by means of an expander, if the tractor does not possess a front hydraulic system. The hydraulic adjustment of the spindle inclination allows the adaptation to the tree form or to the ground.

The spindle together with the tractor drives closely along the tree rows and thereby cuts buds, flower clusters, or individual blooms depending upon the point of assignment.


Blossom Thinner

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Darwin 200

Darwin 250

Darwin 300

Working Height (cm / ft)

193.5 / 6'5"

239.5 / 7'10"

285 / 9'5"

Machine Height (cm / ft)

228.5 / 7'6"

274 / 9'

320 / 10'6"

Weight (kg / lbs)

148 kg / 326 lbs

155 kg / 341 lbs

165 kg / 363 lbs

Area Performance

1.5 - 2.5 ha/h

Driving Speed

6 - 18 km/h

Spindle Speed (RPM)

150 - 450 1/min

String Length

60 cm

Number of Strings


Required Oil Quantity

20 I/min

Tractor Mounting

Mounting to the front right side with or without front hydraulic system

Manual Side Shift

Stroke 450 mm

Hydraulic Side Shift

Stroke 300 mm