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The tilt cylinders on the Type E vine trimmer are fitted with lock valves as standard. The bolted cutting units with 3mm shell also ensure the greatest stability.

The Type E vine trimmer also features individually adjustable side cutting units with separate collision protection devices. Hydraulic width offset is optionally available.

Vine Trimmer Type E


Standard Equipment and Extras

  • Collision protection at the rear, front and side. Aluminium clamping bar for easy re-tensioning of the fan belt and additional stabilization of the cutting unit.
  • Easy to attach.
  • A horizontal blade with fixed axle and separate oil motor ensures the greatest stability and longest service life. No guide rollers are necessary.
  • Practical support trolley for easy attachment and detachment. No jacks required.
  • Large blades and low rotational speed, as well as the 90mm fan belt pulley with cover, guarantee a significantly longer service life. No botrytis centrifuge and no turbo wear.