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On the Type DE too, the bolted cutting units with 3mm shell also ensure the greatest stability.

The Type DE vine trimmer also features individually adjustable side cutting units with separate collision protection devices. It also features a frame with hydraulic lateral tilt, single-acting height adjustment and common cutting unit width adjustment.

Vine Trimmer Type DE

Lane Device

Standard Equipment and Extras

  • Collision protection at the rear, front and side. Aluminium clamping bar for easy re-tensioning of the fan belt and additional stabilization of the cutting unit.
  • A horizontal blade with fixed axle and separate oil motor ensures the greatest stability and longest service life. No guide rollers are necessary.
  • Large blades and low rotational speed, as well as the 90mm fan belt pulley with cover, guarantee a significantly longer service life. No botrytis centrifuge and no turbo wear.
  • Upon request, the joystick control can also have a memory function, meaning that there is no need to keep the button pressed while operating the equipment. This prevents incorrect operation.
  • When used in sharp-angled rows, a cutting unit is driven in front of the tractor.
  • Easy to attach. The valve block can be swivelled forwards so you can open the bonnet. No hoses on the bonnet.
  • Support feet with castors for easy attachment and detachment of the device. The vine trimmer is raised using the joystick control on the console. No jacks or forklifts required.
  • Excellent visibility in transport position, as there are no hoses or valves in the field of vision.