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The roller hoe is used for herbicide-free control of weeds in the vine row.

It first loosens the ground along the vine row in a strip of about 120 to 180mm long (depending on the working angle that was set and the discs’ undercut). The earth is then thrown up in the undergrowth region, burying additional weeds.

The newly developed stars, made from low-wear special plate, guarantee a long service life.

Thanks to their special outer contour and slant, an interrupted cutting edge results, which reduces the effect of erosion on slopes. This also results in extremely smooth running and a very high driving speed.

The stars are attached on bearings that are lubricated for life.

Thanks to its many adjustment options, the roller hoe can be adapted for use with the widest array of ground conditions. The working angle and undercut, and therefore the throw angle, can be adapted to meet your own precise requirements. The hydraulic adjustment options include the vertical lift, which can be adjusted independently at both sides, as well as synchronous width adjustment.

The roller hoe is available for front, back and between axle areas. The frame is also extensible for other tools.

Roller Hoe HSW

Rolling Hoe 2018.pdf Roller Hoe HSW Brochure