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The compact, sturdy frame is an important signature feature of the Magna cultivator. The pre-cultivator has an especially favourable centre of gravity in relation to the tractor, and features hydraulic width offset. Thanks to its unparalleled and well-thought-out construction, it is outstanding at absorbing forces and transmitting them to the tractor. Its variable settings mean that it can be adjusted for all circumstances, for example as a long, short or just pre-cultivator.

It is fitted with extremely wear-proof winged teeth or breakers with quick-change system. However, standard commercially available shafts and the respective teeth can also be fitted. Thanks to its construction and the widest array of mounting options, clogging of the teeth is prevented. If the teeth become overstressed, a predetermined breaking point is reached and the cultivator shaft immediately gives way, meaning material damage is avoided.

The perfect, newly developed roller is extremely sturdy, and can absorb ground forces, ensuring optimum reconsolidation of the ground.

Important Facts:

Magna Cultivator

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